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June - Honeysuckle and Rose

There'a a bit of controversy as to which flower is the official flower for June. With that in mind I'm going to go over the meaning of both.

The Rose -

With such a vast array of colors available, there's a rose for any message you want to convey. They can stand for friendship, thankfulness, sympathy, but the main message of the rose is a symbol of love.

These are the go-to flower for any occasion.

The Honeysuckle -

Honeysuckle, Flower of the month June

The honeysuckle represents Love, gratitude, and appreciation. Honeysuckle grows as a vine and has a sweet floral aroma. There are many varieties of Honeysuckle and while most are edible, as you may remember from your childhood, some varieties can be toxic if ingested in large quantities. Always double check.

These flowers are a beautiful sign to the start of summer.

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