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April - The Daisy

The Daisy is Aprils Flower of the Month

While Daisy is a cheerful name in itself, the flower actually is called this because they tend to open in the warm daylight and close a bit in the evening. Therefore, "day -see."

Technically, there are over forty types of Daisy.

Three of the more popular types are:

The Shasta daisy

-is a perennial and will come back every year blooming from Spring till Autumn. The flowers are a bit larger and hardier, and tend to be what one thinks about when referring to Daisies.

The Montauk Daisy

- is a perennial plant in zones 5 thru 9 for reference you can go to

They grow in large rounded bunches and also have white petals and yellow centers. Also known as Nippon Daisy they enjoy sunny areas.

Gerbera Daisy

- One of my favorite! They have two layers of petals and come in a variety of colors. Gerberas add a special pop to cut flower arrangements. They are perennials, but if you live in an area with cold winters you will want to pot them and bring them in for the winter.

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